Stronger. Healthier. Happier.

A new way to become your best self, in Aberdeen city centre.

Quicker, long-lasting results

Unique to Aberdeen

Backed by science

Quicker, more effective workouts

High intensity personal training backed by technology, designed to help you lose weight, rehabilitate and increase your athletic performance.

We will engage your muscles in a way that you haven’t experienced before, in less time than a usual workout. And you’ll see quick but long-lasting results.

We aren’t a traditional fitness studio; we are revolutionising the way you workout.

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Beautiful skin and a healthier body

Innovative technology and scientific methods, proven to improve your skin and body’s appearance, treat skin conditions and improve your performance.

We have handpicked technology and treatments to complement your fitness journey - from tackling issues around fat, stretch marks, scars and saggy skin, to rejuvenating your skin and making you look and feel younger, happier and healthier.

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We will help you achieve your dream body, quicker

Everyone is welcome at Fit & Skin Studio.

Whether you’re frustrated with slow progress or don’t have enough time. Or if you’re suffering from an injury, or simply want to find an alternative to the traditional gym.

Whoever you are, we can help you.

Fit & Skin Studio - 440 Union Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1TR

This is ideal for people working or living in the city centre, as well as people outwith the city as there are direct bus routes and FREE parking now available for our guests!

“I’m so passionate about our combination of fitness classes and skin treatments, because this is exactly what helped me lose weight and improve my overall appearance after having my twins.

“This wasn’t available to me in Aberdeen, so I had to travel to different countries to use this technology and receive specialist treatments. Now I want to bring all of the treatments that have helped me, to Aberdeen under one roof. My goal is to help as many people as I can - to improve their appearance, strength and confidence.”

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