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Fitness classes designed to help you lose weight, rehabilitate and increase your athletic performance.

We aren’t a traditional fitness studio. We are revolutionising the way you workout.

We have a range of classes available to book in our brand new studio. This includes our ExoBody600 workouts, which utilise EMS technology for an even more challenging workout. 

Fat loss

Strength training

Rehabilitation and prehabilitation

ExoBody600 classes

Take your workout to the next level with an ExoBody600 class!

We have a variety of short 30 minute classes available to book, where you will wear one of our unique EMS body suits - designed to engage and work 90% of your muscles in one single session.

Up to 4 people will be trained by one of our experienced instructors, to help you lose weight or build muscle. 

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Fitness classes

In addition to our EMS workouts, we have a range of regular fitness classes available to book too. 

You can choose from a variety of high intensity classes, including core conditioning, full body, suspension, strength and much more. 

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We have developed a membership package that includes unlimited classes and much more. 

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