Shorter workouts, quicker results

We aren’t a traditional fitness studio.......

We are revolutionising the way you workout.

We have a range of training options available to book in our fully equipped indoor and outdoor studios. This includes our exclusive ExoBody600 workouts, which utilise EMS technology for an even more challenging training experience. 

Fat loss

Strength training

Rehabilitation and prehabilitation


Take your workout to the next level with ExoBody600 PT!

ExoBody600 can help whatever your goal. Our experienced instructors take you through an intense, 25 minute session wearing one of our unique EMS body suits designed to engage and work 90% of your muscles in one single session.



Group personal training is a great way to save money, train with your friends and have a laugh along the way!

Training with a friend, colleague or spouse is proven to help you see results quicker thanks to some friendly competition and weekly weigh ins to keep you motivated.


1 to 1 Personal Training

Whether from our unique indoor or outdoor studio - our friendly, experienced personal trainers will design a structured, tailored training routine to fit around your lifestyle.

Sessions are priced at just £35 per session.


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