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Discover our range of regular fitness classes below. Please note, you will not be using our ExoBody600 suits in these classes - if you would like to book in to an ExoBody600 class, please click here. 



The core is the foundation of total body fitness. We will condition your entire core system by stimulating; glutes, obliques, internal and external abdominal, and lower back muscles. A strong and healthy core is not all about abs.



A combination of boxing work and functional fitness. You will utilise the variety of equipment such as CMT’s and Bulgarian Bags in this high energy boxing style HIIT class. Expect to be worked like a pro.



It’s fast, intense, high energy…and sweaty. Join us at our boutique studio as we take you through the only cardio workout that you will need.



Take your workouts to the next level with our suspension workout session. A full body workout using only one unique piece of apparatus… the suspension trainer.



Our diverse range of equipment in the boutique studio means that no muscle has to go unworked. Join our training team for a true full body workout, using traditional training methods along with functional movements.



Increase full body strength and maximise your calorie burn in our high energy strength building session. A strong body is a healthy body.



Strong, well-conditioned legs are key to our overall health and well-being. Our training team have the leg workout just for you…expect to be pushed to your limits.



An upper body workout which will leave your chest, back and abs on fire. We will help you create that superhero frame by using various training methods to stimulate these key muscle groups.

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