Reduce stubborn fat and cellulite with the latest body sculpting technology.

The targeted ultrasound energy from the HIFU equipment penetrates through the skin and into the fat tissue without damaging the skin’s surface, leaving the target area smoother, tighter, and more toned after just one treatment.

Tighter, more contoured skin

Long-lasting results without surgery

No recovery time required

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How it works

Ultrasound energy

Using the handheld HIFU device, high intensity ultrasound energy targets precise areas, penetrating through the skin layers and into the targeted fat tissue. This effectively eliminates subcutaneous fat and promotes collagen production in the area being treated, which is then dissolved through the body’s lymphatic system to leave you with tighter, more contoured skin.

Collagen regeneration

The ultrasound energy used in the treatment promotes the production of the structural protein, collagen. As old collagen is replaced with new cells, the skin’s elasticity is restored, leaving the targeted area visibly smoother and firmer as a result.

When will I start to see results?

Some clients say they can see a slight difference immediately after their HIFU treatment, however, the optimum results will gradually start to become visible over 6-12 weeks, as the body naturally produces collagen as an effect of the treatment. Most clients only require one treatment to see results, however, this may vary based on how quickly each individual’s body produces collagen.

How long do the results of the HIFU treatment last for?

Most clients will still have fresh collagen and see the benefits for up to a year following one HIFU treatment. Follow-up treatments are recommended after a year to maintain the best results and keep visible signs of aging reduced.

What does the HIFU treatment feel like?

There may be some discomfort as ultrasound energy is administered, however this varies across individuals and will subside fairly quickly.

What are the after effects of a HIFU body treatment?

Up to an hour or so after the treatment, the target area may be slightly red, with a small number of clients experiencing slight swelling, tingling or tenderness to touch. These after effects are only temporary and very mild, with most clients able to return to normal activities immediately with no downtime following the treatment.

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