Cryotherapy facial

Completely rejuvenate your skin by exposing your face to freezing temperatures. 

From helping you tackle troublesome skin disorders, to reducing inflammation and boosting collagen production - there are so many ways you’ll benefit from a cryotherapy facial.

Improves skin conditions, such as acne

Reduces puffiness and liquid retention

Smooths and tightens skin


1 session: £30 (3min treatment, 10mins including consultation)

10 sessions: £250

20 sessions: £450

Deluxe Facial: £50 (30mins - Includes cleanse & Hydration mask)

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How it works

Cooling treatment

Using an electrically powered mask of cooled air, the cryotherapy facial gradually lowers the skin’s temperature from around 35°C to around 7°C over a few minutes, for a skin treatment that is revolutionary.

The cooling process of a cryotherapy facial causes blood vessels in the skin to shrink, which helps to tighten pores and reduce redness, acne, inflammation and puffiness.

How often can you get a cryotherapy facial?

Even after just one cryo facial you will notice a difference, and your skin will look rejuvenated. For the best results, we would recommend one cryo facial every week for one month, however you can have them more frequently if desired - even as many as one per day.

What aftercare is involved with a cryotherapy facial?

No aftercare is required following a cryo facial treatment. Patients can continue everyday activities without any downtime.

When can I start to see results?

In five to six sessions, you will start to see long lasting improvements in your skin, such as increased firmness, reduction in wrinkles, and overall smoothness. Results will improve with regular sessions.

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