Lipo Freeze

An effective, non-surgical alternative to liposuction that aims to target stubborn problem areas, rather than putting unnecessary hours in at the gym. 

This provides a quick and easy solution to contouring your body by freezing unwanted cellulite and reducing up to 20-40% of fat in each targeted area.

Up to a 40% reduction in fat in the treated area


No recovery time


1 area: £135 (45mins)

2 areas: £225 (45mins)

3 areas: £310 (45mins)

4 areas: £390 (70mins)

8 areas: £640 (110mins)

Chin: £159 (60mins)

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How it works

Freezing fat cells

Using the controlled cooling system of the Cryo Quattro machine, fat cells are frozen for a period of time and gradually dissolved in the body through the lymphatic system. The remaining fat cells are condensed by the body following the treatment, which reduces the layer of fat and leaves the targeted area looking slimmer and more contoured.

Multiple treatment areas

The Cryo Quattro machine provides a revolutionary slimming treatment through its ability to target up to four areas of the body at once. This 45-60 minute treatment can focus on the stomach, upper arms, hips, male chest, thighs, back, sides, buttocks or chin. And, since fat cells freeze before the skin does, this process can reduce fat without damaging the overlying skin in any of the areas being treated.

How many lipo freeze treatments do I need to see results?

For most areas, one treatment is enough to see results, rather than requiring a course of treatment. It is important to note that this is dependent on the thickness of the fat deposit and your own personal goals for fat loss. A difference can be seen immediately as the body starts the process of dissolving fat cells, however, the final result will be achieved after 12 weeks, with any additional treatments to be carried out following this period.

Does lipo freeze hurt?

Due to the vacuum effect of the equipment, you will feel a pulling sensation in the treated area during the session, as well as an extremely cold feeling at the beginning of the treatment. This will feel unusual, but not painful, and there are no anaesthetic or numbing agent requirements for this procedure.

Is lipo freeze right for me?

Since the treatment focuses on targeted fat reduction, lipo freeze is ideal for those who want to reduce the fat in specific problem areas that are stubborn and aren’t reducing from a healthy diet or exercise. It is important to note that this is not an overall weight loss solution, and the results are most prominent for those who are near their goal body weight.

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