Underwater massage (hydrotherapy)

Feel relaxed and rejuvenated with a massage like no other. 

Using high pressure streams of water, an underwater massage is deeper than a classic massage, making it more effective for treating and rehabilitating a wide range of conditions, including spinal injuries, sports injuries, arthritis, and much more.

Helps to heal muscular pain and sports injuries

Relieves chronic pain

Improves neurological conditions


1 session: £80

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How it works

High pressure jet stream

Our therapeutic bathtub is combined with the force of a jet hose, to create a focused stream of water. As you relax in the water, the jet stream is gently worked into target areas of the body at varying levels of pressure to relieve muscle pain.

Deep tissue massage

The force of the water stream allows for deep, therapeutic penetration into the muscle tissue, which achieves greater flexibility, improved circulation and quicker recovery times of injured tissue.

Is an underwater massage right for me?

An underwater massage is a great treatment for athletes and regular exercisers, as is relieves muscle pain and helps to speed up injury recovery. It is also beneficial for reducing symptoms of those suffering from spinal or neurological conditions, and even chronic pain conditions such as arthritis. It is also a great treatment for anyone looking to reduce cellulite and achieve an improvement in overall wellness.

Is an underwater massage painful?

Although a high pressure water stream is used, it is never painful and clients often find the experience very relaxing, benefitting from a reduction in pain symptoms. The pressure is also varied throughout the treatment, to give you the most effective massage.

How long does this treatment last?

The duration of this treatment is 30 minutes.

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